Need help logging in to the Compellent Portal?

The Compellent Portals recently switched to the same login mechanism that the rest of Dell uses, namely MyAccount. You no longer need to keep track of separate logins depending on whether you wish to browse to the Compellent Customer or Partner Portal or other Dell places such as eSupport. Your single MyAccount login will now get you to all of those places.

If you have an active Compellent Portal login, you should have received several emails about your Compellent Portal Login being replaced by a MyAccount login. Hopefully you followed the instructions in that email to link your legacy Compellent portal login to a MyAccount login.

If you did, great! All you need to do is go back to the login screen and authenticate using your MyAccount Email Address and password, and you'll be let right in.

Customer Portal Login »      Partner Portal Login »

Linking your Compellent Login to your Dell MyAccount Login

If you have not yet linked your legacy Compellent Portal login to your MyAccount login, don't worry, it'll only take a few moments to do so. Here's how:

Step One: Log in to the legacy Compellent Customer or Partner Portal using your legacy Compellent user name and password.

Legacy Customer Portal Login »      Legacy Partner Portal Login »

Step Two: On the portal homepage, in the alert box on the left side (Customer Portal) or the right side (Partner Portal) are instructions and the link to a tool you can use to link your existing Compellent portal login to your existing MyAccount login.

Common Questions

Don't have a MyAccount login? Click here, and then complete the form on the right to create an account. After that, follow steps one and two above to link it to your Compellent Portal Login. You will then be able to log in to the Compellent Portal using your MyAccount Login.

Don't have a legacy Compellent Customer Portal Login? If you are an existing Compellent Customer, you can click here to register for a Compellent Portal login.

Don't have a legacy Compellent Partner Portal Login? If you are an existing Compellent Partner, email for assistance.

Please be aware that only active Compellent Customers and Partners will have access to the legacy Compellent Portals.

Need further assistance? Customer Portal help email: Partner Portal Help email: